New US EPA Project — Unlocking the Nationwide Potential of Water Reuse

We are excited to be a part of an exciting new multi-site project funded by the US EPA that aims to better understand the potential for water reuse in the United States by aligning science and technology with a sociological understanding of opportunities and barriers. The project involves multiple teams working on different aspects of water reuse, including understanding emerging contaminants of concern, treatment processes, risk assessment, and environmental justice concerns.

My group is working on Task Group A of the project, and will be responsible for developing quantitative microbial risk assessment (QMRA) tools for water reuse. This builds upon a risk assessment tool we recently built with Dan Gerrity and others for the Water Research Foundation that is specific to direct potable reuse called DPRisk. We developed this as a R Shiny app. This new project will allow us to add new exposure scenarios to DPRisk, such as those relevant to reuse in agriculture.

We look forward to working with the other team members and project partners and stakeholders.

Learn more about the project progress here: