DAISY – A new community-engaged asthma intervention study with the Duwamish River Community Coalition

We excited to be a part of a new NIH-funded asthma intervention study evaluating the effectiveness of linguistically and culturally appropriate healthy homes assessments and low-cost indoor air filtration on children’s asthma symptoms. We’re calling this the Duwamish Air Improvement Study for Youth (DAISY). The Principal Investigators are Prof Anjum Hajat at the UW and Paulina Lopez, Executive Director of the Duwamish River Community Coalition (DRCC).

This project will use community-enaged research principles to develop a community-driven air monitoring program for the Duwamish Valley to build better understanding of outdoor traffic and aviation related pollution that infiltrations into indoor environments to affect children with asthma. The project will also benefit from promotores (community health workers) to deliver the intervention to families in the study.

This work will build upon previous research in our group, evaluating indoor air quality issues and the effectiveness of portable air cleaners, and strengthen our commitment to serve as academic collaborators with BIPOC environmental justice-focued organizations on community-engaged research.

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