Cumulative Environmental Impacts of COVID in King County and Washington

Today, one of the analyses we conducted last year was published. The analysis explored overlapping environmental risk factors with COVID-19 during the pandemic situation in the summer of 2020 in King County.

The findings in this new paper complement those from a previous analyses that we did, which modeled the spatial factors associated with COVID-19 test positivity and testing rates, which documented large equity issues early into the pandemic. The analysis include Poisson regression of tract-level sociodemographic factors and race/ethnicity, and a spatial analysis using geographically weighted regression. King County has made dramatic efforts to prioritize equity in its disease control efforts.

Both of these analyses were conducted for a COVID grant from the UW Population Health Initiative.

Separate from these analyses, we had separate COVID grant from the Population Health Initiative that allowed us to conduct a mixed methods (qualitative/quantitative) study with a focus on equity issues, and with the goal of examining the role of community-based organizations as trusted public health partners during the pandemic. This work contributed in part, to a series of online workshops/YouTube videos with Front and Centered.